Ultra ROOF

The Elegant Flat Roof

With unrivaled looks and thermal performance, Suns new Flat Roof light is the ultimate glazed Flat Roof light designed to cascade maximum light into any home. It brings a stylish ambiance to a home and its minimalistic roof frame ensures that it suits any style property. Thanks to it’s unique structural design, it is not only the best looking Flat Roof light but one of the best double glazed thermal performing Flat Roof lights on the market.

Maximum Light

The unique aluminium external and internal capping and bespoke structural UPVC internal core make the our news Flat Roof light the ultimate glazed Flat Roof light. Sitting flush with the internal plaster line, the fixed Flat Roof light appears frameless from the interior of the home, creating the illusion of an open roof space.

Ultimate Performance

Thermal Performance is at the forefront of homeowners minds. With an unrivalled overall U Value (roof and glass) of 1.3 w/m2k, our flat Flat Roof light outperforms any of its rivals.

Minimal Sightlines

The minimalistic contemporary external design with flush glazing gives a sleek, modern appearance and is a stunning addition to any home extension.

Low Maintenance

All our Flat Roof lights come available with clear glass as standard with self-cleaning glass upgrades available, helping you to keep your Flat Roof light looking cleaner for longer.

Ultra ROOF Specification